07 June 2010

Technicolor Sheep!

Perhaps my favorite part of our bedroom is now complete:

The sheep are back... in full color! And since I'm a big fan of humor in decor, I fully approve of their antics. Here's a before & after to see how they transformed:

I did love the 'before' bedroom scheme, but it was just way too dull during winter- we needed some color... and color we got! I do prefer the white lamp in the before, but it's currently found a home downstairs. You can also see some sneak peaks in this pic of other new bedroom additions... more on those to come! :D



Hahaha!! so cute and funny!!!


Haha, I love it. :D


Haha, "za crknit'", really!

Great idea, although I'm not sure if I could sleep with those hyperactive sheep jumping around :)

Sarah B.

I love this concept! It turned out great :)


Freakin love it!
But one suggestion: Paint that vent BLACK!

Tess Carter

thanks guys!
-and Jess, I know I know!! Painting that vent is on a list of to-dos. I was planning on doing many at once, since some of the rooms have the original vents that REALLY need to be refinished. Hopefully soon... ;)

T @ Poppy Place

Very nice. I love that sheep help with sleep :) T.


Yay how cute! cute! cute!


Fun idea! Definitely a great way to help you smile at the end of a long day. ;D




So creative! I love it.

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