28 June 2010

George Nelson Block Clock!

It's up... and isn't it beautiful? I think we really made the right choice- we love that it's stylish & bold but still somewhat understated.

CSN Stores was, as usual, awesome to work with (you can read the original post for the review here)! I used their price-matching system & couldn't have had an easier, faster, more painless experience. Plus- their customer service rep I dealt with was great too! I was really surprised with how fast it shipped (a week before they expected!). When the clock came, it was packaged really well- surrounded in fitted styrofoam. I'm always concerned about packaging (I've gotten some pretty beat up boxes in my time), and it's such a relief to open a box and see that the store cares as much about extra care that I do (or maybe they're as untrusting of the shipping companies as I am).

The clock itself is everything I hoped it'd be! The size is perfect- it's small enough to incorporate flawlessly into our picture wall, but unusual enough to still hold its own as a focal point. The colors are swell too- muted enough to work well in almost any decor I think! I'm always worried about clocks running slow (we have one elsewhere that does this all the time)- but the block clock hasn't shown any signs of that yet! It's slick, stylish, and efficient- just lovely! Overall, the whole experience was great- everything from making a choice on what to get (so many options!) to the ordering & actual product. Just look at how great it looks up on that wall- that alone ought to say it all! :)

DISCLAIMER: I received this product greatly discounted. The opinions, descriptions, and thoughts presented in this and related posts are entirely my own, and I received no other compensation.



Awesome clock! Nice 'n chunky! (I feel sorry for whatever was in that beat-up box!)


It looks wonderful!!!

T @ Poppy Place

Love the clock, what fun to get stuff for reviews, didn't know about that until today, thanks for sharing, love the wall too :) T.

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Great post, thanks.
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