05 May 2010

A Simple Pledge

I harbor serious ill-will towards some fonts. Here are some things that are on the same level as Comic Sans and Papyrus (the chief offenders):

- People who don't wave when you let them in (esp. when there's lots of traffic)
- Skinning your knee
- Puka shell necklaces
- Naming your kid "dweezil" or "pilot inspektor"
- Twilight
- Sunburns

So I bought this wonderful pledge poster from Lure Design. I plan on having Jesse & I sign it before hanging it proudly in our living room.



this made me smile today...I went through the papyrus phase in high school, but I'm happy to say I've fully recovered. ;)


hahaha i went through the papyrus phase back in the day too. comic sans is still probably my absolute least favorite font though!


I have to admit Papyrus was my favorite font ever when I first was exposed to the internets back in highschool! But now the novelty has worn off. Like the list!

Lo Christine

haha, so funny!


Oh this is hilarious...I can't STAND papyrus or comic sans.


Haha! I often accuse my husband of being a "font snob". I think he needs this!


Ha, I adore that poster. I've always been a times new roman girl myself. Basic, basic, basic.

Sallie Kate

that's hilarious! I would add Curlz to the list~bleh!

Debs Crochet

Funny. I have to admit,I do like comic sans though.


I can't believe what a bad rap comic sans is getting!! I guess I don't pay enough attention to the world of fonts! I just chose what I like and stick with it. And comic sans is a very friendly font. b.

Mrs. Kroeger

All fonts need love...if they are legible. Stop hating on my papyrus font, Tess. Love, your mom

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