24 May 2010

Party on the Stairs!

This Christmas, I hung silver tinsel garland along our stairwell- and loved it! Needing something less seasonal, I turned to bunting- and trend I simply adore these days! Jesse thinks it's silly- he says it looks like it belongs at a 5 year old's birthday party. I think it's fabulous... and personally, I don't see the problem with considering every day party worthy!

I made the bunting myself using felt & string- simply cut & hot glued them all together. Nothing fancy; super cheap & super fast. It's the perfect fix for any dull, neglected corners of your home! And really... who doesn't want a little more 'party' in their life? ;)



Love it! What a great accent to a lovely space!


It's the perfect spot for a flash of color and whimsy!


I've been meaning to make something like this. I'm moving in July across the country and I can't wait to decorate my new apartment.

Creative Minds

That looks really cool! :)


very cute! i like it :)


Love this, and I've been thinking of doing it for a while...Maybe I'll finally get around to it.

And I agree with you - it makes everything happier!


oh man! Awesome! I have my bunting in my sewing basket just waiting to be finished...I guess I got a little sidetracked... you've inspired me to dig it out! Love it!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy

Very cute!! I notice you still have your pom pom wreath up. It is still on my list of things to do!


Nothing wrong with everyday-party! :)


I Love this - LOVE THIS! Jesse is crazy (but don't we all know that we often can't trust our significant other's design sense??).

This reminds me of the little pompoms I put up in our kitchen windowsill, that I'm just smitten with.

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