21 May 2010

DIY 'Shroom Shelves

I've been meaning to post about this for... oh... probably over a month now. I was really hesitant to finish the project, but I'm so glad I finally did! They're little DIY shelves made from mushrooms (yeah.. that's right... mushrooms- and tree mushrooms at that). You can find the tutorial here, over on Finder Maker. The shelves in the tutorial are much nicer looking, but I used the 'shrooms I could find, and for me, it was really about the fun of making them more than the final product. I basically followed Finder Maker's tutorial- so I won't bother with the step-by-step (you can check that out here).

They're not exactly going to hold anything heavy, but they're the perfect whimsical display shelves for my studio! I love displaying paintings that I'm selling- that way, I can enjoy them a bit before they get new homes. I painted mine glossy black to help me find a place to use them.

A bonus for this project is not only finding but getting the mushrooms. Friends & I got to watch as Jesse attempted scaling trees in the woods to capture the elusive specimens! You'll also be treated to a whole array of funny looks when you tell people why you want them (and who knows- after seeing the final product, they might still give you same looks!).

You can bet I'll be keeping my eye open for more 'shrooms to use in the future. Next time, I'll try a fun, bright color (instead of safe, simple black) now that I'm satisfied with the general outcome!! :)

PS- You can also see that the Boo got some new fabric for his studio cage as a 'surgery present!'



Quite the interesting shelf idea - I had to check out the tutorial to convince myself that those really were mushrooms! How creative is that! I love the look of black in your studio.


I LOVE the shelves. They are just the perfect compliment to your pictures.


Truly an adventurous and clever idea. Makes me want to look in the forest to see what I might be able to salvage!

Great photography throughout your blog!

Bethany Dirksen

mushrooms?! amazing.

how in the world do you find mushrooms like that. I wouldn't know where to start. maybe that's because i live in the city though. now i'm always going to be looking for the elusive tree mushroom!


I had no idea this could be done! So cool! I can't wait to do this on my own.

T @ Poppy Place

Wow! That is amazing and what a wonderful way to display your beautiful artwork :) T.

Sarah B.

They turned out beautifully!

Hundy & Undy

Those are great!


these are so unexpected and SO cool! :)

La Alicia

those shelves are great! i have to give those a try! :)

Jodi Ulschmid

So fun and unique! Goes great in your cheerful room!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee

The shelves look great!

I'm loving the fabric on your little cage. Who is the maker?

Tess Carter

chelsea- the fabric is from Ikea & was on sale for $2.99/yd last time I was there. I just posted about a couple other styles I got there too (there were some great prints!).


Wow! Love love love the uniqueness of this idea! your shelves look great!

Paul Baxendale

YES! I'm so happy to see honest to goodness results from my mushroom shelf tutorial!!! Well done and three cheers to you!!!

You are quite right that half the fun is getting out and going on the hunt for the things; once you get a taste, I swear, whether you want any more mushroom shelves or not, you can't help but scan tree trunks when you are out and about!

I'm off to explore your blog more... looks great so far! Thanks for mentioning the tutorial, and again, I applaud your efforts in tackling the project-- they look great!!! Oh... they look great painted as well-- I was thinking I might try a few all white or perhaps even neon-colored versions!

All the Best,

Paul (FinderMaker!)

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