11 April 2010

Polywood Adirondack Chairs

Check out our awesome new curved back adirondack chairs! You can also see where the tiki stool ended up & check out the new dwarf cherry tree. The chairs are from the DIY Home Center, and they're made of Polywood- which is recycled milk jugs- how cool is that (and so sustainable!)? Every time we recycle a milk jug, I now wonder if it's destined to lounge in a garden somewhere lol. I hope so, because I think they look just swell in the garden, and Pepper & Pickle are pretty pleased with them too!

(FYI these little imps and the chairs are featured on today's Desire to Inspire Pets on Furniture post!)

What I love about these chairs is their 'look.' The bright white looks so fresh and clean (although there are many colors to choose from) & really pops with our new little fence and trellis. They're super easy to clean too- just blast 'em with the hose- so through the wind, rain, and storm since we've had them, they've never looked dirty. I've always loved the classic adirondack style too- not too modern, but not too stuffy or traditional either. :)

But the best part... they feel as good as they look. I'll admit I was a little iffy on how sturdy they'd be before we got them. We get some crazy wind here, and I really wanted to invest in something substantial that wouldn't need replacing 2 years down the line. You can get cheapie plastic adirondack chairs for $15 a pop (from the usual big box stores), but they always feel... well, cheap. The material is always thin, and they fade in the sun. Not these. These boys are heavy- they're not gonna get blown around (but they're still light enough to easily move around the yard). They feel strong and thick- they won't sag or get too flexible over time, but they're nice and smooth too (no splinters!). Plus- since the color goes all the way through- you don't have to worry about fading and things like that! They're really made to beat the elements, time, and your changing style lol.

Bottom line: I've been spending a lot of time lately lounging outside now that we have these chairs. The look is classic and relaxing, they're comfortable, the materials are not only green but high quality, and they're built to last! Polywood definitely gets my vote (and Pepper & Pickle's too!) for outdoor furniture!

You can go check out the whole line of Polywood furniture over at www.DIYhomecenter.com!
You can also check out the how-to assembly video Jesse & I put together! :)

Please note that I received these chairs at a significant discount.
The opinions, thoughts, descriptions, and reviews in this post are my own, and I received no other compensation.



OMG!!! Love, Love, Love it. b.

Creative Minds

Cute puppies!!
Love the chairs. :)

Mrs. Kroeger

Very professional! I was particularly impressed with the Jesse's handyman skills! Also the truck and crow background sounds lent an air of authenticity. Gorgeous weather. Those chairs look pristine against the green grass. My cheap $15 chairs are NOT comfortable or "green."

T @ Poppy Place

Isn't it great what they can do with recycled plastics, love these :) T.


They look great!!

And what cute names!! Pepper and Pickle? Cutest thing ever.


Great chairs, and such adorable dogs :) I love adirondack chairs - they really are comfy.


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