05 March 2010

The Log

A few of you asked about the log side table next to the guest bed, whether it had a story behind it, and how I sealed it. The log actually came from my parents' home in Houston & was part of an red oak tree that came down during Hurricane Ike.

They paid the kids across the street to hack up the tree & dig out the stump. Next time I visited, I found a whole set of logs (formerly trunk) in a little vignette out in the yard holding pots and plants of all sort. My mom did a great job with them, but I wanted to take it step further and bring one indoors. We carted it back to my place & it sat in the garage drying out some more for several months. After that, I sanded the cut surfaces & started to seal it. Because of the texture of the bark, I used spray on Polycrylic (like Polyurethane, but water-based). I sprayed probably at least 4 or 5 coats. For the flat surfaces, I used a brush on Polyurethane for a bit nicer look and something more durable (again, 4 or 5 coats). We've had no problems with it at all! It did split some at the top (as you can see) during the drying process. Many people would tell you to dry it for much longer and do all sorts of expensive, time consuming things, but for us, this has held up beautifully!

Only things to be wary of if you plan on doing it yourself- it's HEAVY. Plan on getting a lot of dirty looks from whoever you ask to help you move it. Also, when my generation walks by, this song often sprouts out.


Dyche Designs

I love the element of bringing something outside in. I've always been a bit nervous about bugs coming out of wood but I guess if it's sealed right you don't have that problem. :0)

Bethany Dirksen

You are very crafty! I have always loved the side tables made of lots of little sticks bundled together (usually with a piece of glass on top). This is a great way to get a similar feel. Thanks for sharing@


i love it. very cool.


wowowoWOW love your designs! We have a stump, too but we use it as a pounding surface :) I've always wanted a nicer one as a side table - now I know how to do it! Thanks!


love the video. Personally, a log is a little too rustic for my taste, but for them's that likes it, it's great! Good work!

Stradbally Jewellery Design

Great Idea. Keep coming across your shop today so i'm going to follow your blog!

Lenox Knits

What a great and natural piece. I love the story behind it too. You have a lovely blog BTW!


Is your bedspread handpainted by you ?
In any event, the room and its furnishing have your distinctive touch. :)

Tess Carter

thanks guys!

craziegracie- no, it's actually a duvet cover from Ikea (still available I believe)

Rocky O

WOW I sure bet it IS heavy... Man, this is making me want to keep an eye out for people who are chopping up trees and have extra logs lying around! :D Great find!


its log, its log... its big, its heavy - its wood! Love the table.


Love the log! It adds a great, creative touch to the room.

Paula Jo @ home decor garden accents

I love that idea about bringing one into the house. I never thought of that. I live in Houston, and Ike knocked down our Live Oak. I still have a stump out in the garage. I took some of the others and put around in my rock garden with all my other plants and they look wonderful. Thanks for the idea!

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