03 March 2010

Guest Bed Before & After!

A great craigslist bargain, many coats of paint, and a dozen Dr. Pepper's later... this happened!

I love it! The paint job isn't perfect- that yellow gave me SO much trouble, but the bed itself isn't in perfect condition, so I let it slide. I had to replace 4 of the wood finials on the posts with the closest thing I could find, lightly sanded & primed, and then painted away. The trim is Snow Fall and the panels are Citrus Splash - both from Behr in semi-gloss.

It's so much more cheerful, and it only cost us about $70!

If you come visit us, we now have a proper place for you to stay! :D


Bethany Dirksen


I am very impressed with your bold color choice (although I wouldn't expect anything less, knowing the colors you use in your paintings). I love the mixture of accents you have in the room along with this. The rustic end table, traditional quilt, and modern artwork are a fantastic mix!

Thanks so much for sharing!


WOW!!!!! That is really wonderful! What a great job you did- it looks like a perfect addition to your already adorable room. :)

Kathy~Sweet Bird Designs

It looks fabulous, especially with the wood trim and floor in the room. Nice job!!

Mrs. Kroeger


Mrs. Kroeger

Also makes the room look bigger and brighter!


Ok that is truly STELLAR! I love how that color just lights up the whole room!! Fantastic work! It makes me want to go with something more bold in my home!!


Wow, that is so beautiful, you did a great job! Really like the whole look of the room!


This is gorgeous!! I'm so jealous. Love the bright color.




Gorgeous...so cozy and cheerful! Great Job!!!

Bonjour Pierre

That bed looks so awesome! It really brightens up the room. Isn't craigslist great? You can get dull boring things and make them awesome!

Lo Christine

So bright and cheerful!!


what an amazing difference! love it! where did you get the comforter?

Tess Carter

thanks guys! :)

SweetBeaker- it's a duvet cover from Ikea & it's called Kasja Rosor- you can find it here:

aiisa g

what a happy bed!


I don't usually like yellow but this looks beautiful! I love love the shape of the bed and the white against the yellow is great :)
seems like well worth the effort.


Wow. At first I thought, I don't know, it's a little bright, but I actually love it, especially in the room you have it in. I also really like lemon and white trim - I think I would like a house like that someday.

I also LOVE that stump side table - is there a story behind that?


Wow. That sure is a bold color choice -- but it looks amazing! It's so wonderfully cheerful :)


LOVE THAT BED! great work!!


WOW... that is fantastic!! I also love the log as a night stand! Did you 'seal' it with anything?? I found your post through the etsy forums... so glad I did! :)

T @ Poppy Place

Wow, that turned out so pretty, great job :) T.

Peppermint Sage Designs

I love decorating ideas and tips. I will be following.



Wow, that's awesome! Great job!


What a great project! it goes so well with the room, too.

Julie Jones


that is amazing and so much work


Wow, great job! I love it.

Kate and Oli

it's amazing! and i LOVE yellow - it always makes me happy :)

great job!


that looks awesome, great choice on the yellow ;)


Beautiful job! I love the color! Saw this on AT and so glad to find your blog! Nice stuff!
Frank @

Cassandra Lynn

Hey, look at what I just did http://www.flickr.com/photos/cassielynne/4409451220/in/photostream/

I also posted a response on AT, don't let those readers over there get you down, it's like they think their opinion matters or something (it doesn't!) I think the bed looks fabulous!

Tess Carter

Thanks Cassandra- I'm not, I knew a lot of people would hate it lol :)

The finish wasn't in usable condition, and we made it work for us. Before, I could appreciate it as an antique, but now I love it and am proud to call it my own!

and OMG I LOVE your dresser!!! You did a FABULOUS job- it has so much personality! Would you mind if I did a post about it?? It looks so lovely!

Sitting Still

here from AT admiring the bed -- so lovely!

I'm going to echo the other comments about the "stump" nightstand. can you tell me more about that? I love it!

Tess Carter

As per the "log" story- I posted about it in a separate post on the blog (the latest post) :)


That is really wonderful! What a great job you did- it looks like a perfect addition to your already adorable room.
designers video

Fatally Cute

So simple really and so charming! Love the sunny colors.


Ohh wow! What a beautiful transformation!!


Great bed - great room.

Karen Beth

Wow... This looks ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!

fric and frac

This bed is brilliant! I love the yellow you chose! Absolutely gorgeous!

jules @ The Diversion Project

flipping awesome. great bed and coolest room i've seen in some time!

Sarah Rae

Would you mind if we featured this makeover on Apartment Therapy tomorrow? I'm completely jealous of your find and colors! I'd love to share it with our readers.

Sarah Rae

Tess Carter

Hi Sarah Rae!
I wouldn't mind at all- but it was actually already featured on Apartment Therapy! It was posted on March 5th here...


Glad you like it though! :)

Sarah Rae

I guess that's what happens when you take a few weeks off! You miss out on sharing all the good stuff!


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