10 March 2010

DIY Fridge Frame

I really can't stand the chaos that usually exudes from fridges covered in magnets, reminders, ads, etc... Of course, the information is usually practical and necessary, so any way to wrangle or organize it gets an A+ in my book. Here's a super-simple project to help organize & beautify that typically chaotic part of the kitchen:

We happen to have a stainless fridge (non-magnetic front!) with a magnetic side right by the sink and not viewable from most of the house. I love it. I can tack up any important info, but it isn't seen the second you walk into the house or kitchen. Still, just drawing a pretty outline seems to calm this chaos & while I'm sure it won't stay as spic & span as it is now, it makes me smile...

(be sure to measure out your frame to know how much you'll need)
• moulding - you can find this at any hardware store- pick your favorite!
• paint - again, pick your favorite!
• glue - tacky or hot glue will work
• paintbrush
• magnetic tape
• cutting tool (a table saw is best, but any other saw or even an exacto can work)
• Polycrylic or some other sealer (optional depending on where it's going)

Materials you're most likely to not have at home.

First, calculate how long each piece needs to be for your desired frame size. Measure twice, mark your wood, and cut away! Be sure to be safe no matter what blade/saw you're using. If you don't have a saw that allows you to easily cut 45 degree angles, you might choose to just cut @ 90 degrees and lay the pieces on top of each other making a butt joint.

If you delegate the cutting to an engineer/scientist husband, don't be surprised to see something like this in the process. Although that gnawed bottom corner is evidence that he had to ask the Boo for help at some point.

Next, lay your pieces fancy side down on a table making the frame shape. Lay a strip of glue along the back of each seam. Wait to dry. Even after the glue is dry, the frame will be very delicate! Be careful moving it around!

Turn the frame over, and paint! I'd recommend at least 2 coats- or you could do some awesome design. If you want to seal it, now is the time. I chose not to seal mine, as I used a scrubbable paint & the area doesn't get a ton of splatter.

Once the paint/sealer is dry, turn it back over & glue a strip of magnetic tape to the back of each side. Don't rely on the sticky side of the magnet- it wasn't strong enough it my experience!

Once the glue is dry, she's ready to go up! Carefully position her on the fridge, purge all unnecessary, old, or obsolete stuff inside it, sit back, and admire your work! Yay!

It isn't a fancy project, but it's a nice simple way to help organize just a bit more! I also find that with a frame around that area, I'm better about keeping it de-cluttered!



Very creative, especially for moms on the go with little ones in tow.

Bethany Dirksen

I have always hated messy fridge fronts as well. I plan on getting a stylish bulletin board sometime to organize all those pesky things. Great idea to make the fridge look stylish and functional.


Hey look, it's a Stephen and a Tori! Cute! (The frame, not us.)

Brenna Peterson

LOVE THIS! so organized, looks clean yet practical. impressive, once again!


That is such a good idea, I thought using those little plastic magnetic frames for fridge photos would help organize, but it didn't. This is much better!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee

love this! Cute idea - and I echo your sentiment about how the chaos from the magnets seems to explode all over the fridge.

Might try this out with an already done frame. I've got a pile of them in the garage and/or I come across them in thrift store all the time - usually without glass!

Thanks for the great DIY idea!

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