15 March 2010

Ceiling Fan Face Lift

If you're like me, you're not crazy about how most ceiling fans look these days.... but don't get too excited- this isn't an amazing fix-it-all solution... just a little face-lift.

This is what I wake up to every morning... it's pretty blah:

Nothing particularly horrid about it, but a few things really bother me. First, why pair off-white translucent shades with a white fan? They look FILTHY! I made a sour face every time I saw them. Second, cheesy pulls hanging down a mile long that say "Harbor Breeze" or whatnot all over them: not so stylish. And finally, it just lacks some sort of customization or little bit of fun & luxury (although that's admittedly hard to do in a fan).

So here's what I wake up to now...

Might not look like that much at first glance, but it makes such a difference IMHO. First, we ditched the dark shades for nice, bright white, simple ones. Second, switch the pulls with simple acrylic prism ones scored on clearance (and shorten them up!). Finally, a simple ceiling medallion adds a touch of customization. That medallion did something else too (although you can't really see it in the photos). Before, the fan seemed to protrude down & into the room, but now, the medallion seems to anchor and pull it up to the ceiling!

Nothing too fancy, expensive, or creative, but if you've got some functional fans that are less than gorgeous, these simple little fixes might make them just a little nicer!


holly e.

cute! the little things definitely make a difference and the prisms probably look awesome with the lights on

chelsea lee aka spicklebee

wow - talk about timely! I just bought new shades and bulbs for ours today. I'll do a blog post later this evening of our re-do!


Shari @ little blue deer

We have that same fan - that is such a good idea! Thank you!


looks awesome! crazy how such little changes make all the difference.


OMG I love it. b.

Sarah Knight

looks very clean : )

Absolutely Small

That is so neat! I think it makes a huge difference. What we see first thing in the morning is so important. :) Nice work!


that is great!

Karen Beth

What a rocking hot idea... I love it! I bought a 109-year-old house that had been a rental for about ten years. ALL of the ceiling fans are mis-matched. Drives me batty but it is not on the top of the priority list of things to fix right now since they do all work. That is good at least. :)

Sarah @ Maison Boheme

Thank you so much for this post! I'm having the same dilema with our crappy little white fans - two of them. But your touches make it look "on purpose" and chic. Thank you!

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