06 February 2010


Well, we're all snowed in here! The day was spent marveling at the 4th greatest snowfall for the region & then shoveling ourselves out.

God's mercies are great! We didn't lose power, but we're pretty much stuck. Our church is only going to be open for people who can walk there- what with there being absolutely nowhere to park in town. We're warm, bundled up, and have plenty of food, but please keep the thousands without power, stranded on roads, etc in your prayers!!



Wow, you guys should send some of that snow up here for the Olympics! We are sorely lacking in the cold, white, and pretty department!! It's so beautiful there! Make a snowman for me!

Bethany Dirksen

Have fun with it if you can! It's beautiful :)

Lo Christine

Wow, so much snow!!! It is beautiful.


I love the pic of your dogs, they look like they were happy to finally be outside...

Nicole Bergman

Although I'm used to this kind of weather, it still makes me shiver (and shudder!) to see photos like this!

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