20 January 2010

Side Table Solutions

UPDATE: Ok... ok... don't worry, I'm not painting them! I found the only solution I could (for now), which I'd say is 90% successful. I'll post pics tomorrow- hope you all like the solution!

I finally made what I feel was a great buy via Craigslist. I got this pair of solid wood night stands for $25 (I'm using them as side tables)!

They have 3 drawers, a nook, a night light underneath (switch on the side), and an outlet on the back- but Jesse wants to redo the wiring in them. Based on the photos, I was planning on a complete, immediate refinishing job, but after cleaning them up a bit, I was shocked at how good they looked (not perfect, but not bad!).

My only concern is placement of this one:

It seemed a little off or crowded at first, but now that we've been using it, Jesse & I love its place there & how functional it is. I can't get over how well the wood matches the mantel- the Poang's placement is a must- so no moving that around. I considered a little pedestal table, but it would be less functional and I have yet to find a well-made affordable one. What do you think? Is it really so awful?? What if I paint the drawers white...?

(excuse the wonky photoshop job)



NEVER paint wood! It's WRONG in so many ways !!!!!


While I am not as against painting wood as Mark is, I think you should definitely NOT paint the drawers white. To me, the placement of the table is a little wonky - it throws off the symmetry of the fireplace and pictures above. That being said, painting the drawers would just draw more attention to that fact.


Can you turn it caddy corner a little? Would that help? I wouldn't paint the wood.

Tess Carter

I'm not in the 'never paint wood' camp- I've seen pieces bring much more joy painted than not before. But that being said, I don't do it lightly, and I'm still hesitant on the idea- which is why I've wanted to do it for a week but still haven't. I'm not worried about 'ruining the integrity' of the piece- I'm worried about how it'll look where it is (because that's where it's so functional).

I love the dark outer stain & white drawers look- I'm hoping that MAYBE it'd help here since it'd add a punch of lighter color to blend a little better with the fireplace.

Unfortunately, I can't turn the side table more than like 5 degrees- there's not much room on the tile & the carpet is too plush to do 1/2 and 1/2. :/

Basically, I know it looks wonky, but I don't want to sacrifice function for form! Grrrrr!

Bethany Dirksen

No no no...don't paint. These are so interesting and beautiful just as they are. Great find! Jealous....


Lovely just as they are!

Paula Jo - Cleanstar

Please leave it the way it is. I love the natural wood look and I think its as cute as can be. It looks good there. You could also put some flowers on it to give it some elegance.


Oh how lovely! Don't paint.

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