31 January 2010

Pickle Surprise!

Surprise! I'm in Houston for a week! ...and this is Pickle- the newest member of the family & Pepper's 1/2 sister. Isn't she precious? She's hanging out with the other 2 big sisters here in Texas before going back with me Thursday to meet Pepper. Since I'm visiting family, you'll have to forgive the limited posting, but in the meantime ponder what it's like to hold this little squeak-toy of a dog while it snuggles you to death! :)



Awwww...who doesn't love puppies! Have a good visit!


oh dear! how adorable! now the sibling rivalry begins! have fun with your family!

Bethany Dirksen

Awww, I want to rub those silky smooth ears! I love floppy ears on puppies!


Ahhhhh! Cutest dog ever! Look at those ears!! I just want to squeeze her! :D

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