08 January 2010

The Perfect Vase!

Yay! I received my white Areaware Brush Vase from www.allmodern.com yesterday... it's lovely! I was really impressed with the shipping- it came much earlier than I expected- like... the next day (although it shipped from Ohio & we're in PA). Packaging was extremely thorough; it took me about 10 minutes to get the thing out, but better that than a chance of damaging it i suppose!

Here it is being a conventional vase:

The vase is cast resin, and it's simply stunning! I wasn't sure what to expect with resin (I was a little fearful of a plastic look), but it has this raw, elegant 'just came out of a studio' feel that I love! You can really tell that it was cast directly from actual brushes, and maybe it's just the artist in me, but that makes it all the more alluring- the little imperfections and realistic touches. It's part of Harry Allen's REALITY line, so I suppose that's the whole point. There's something inherently beautiful in the tools used in making art- and this vase really helps capture that- not only as a piece of art itself, but as a functional piece! It came with a fitted glass insert so that I can use it for flowers, cuttings, paintbrushes... whatever! And knowing how much I like to move things around in my house, that's a big bonus! I've already been moving it from room to room! :D

Here it is perched gloriously in my studio!

And here, it's just looking gorgeous in my white mantel collection!

The last time I talked about vases I preached the values of classic simplicity. But here, there's just no comparison for something so special and unique- I think it's something my friends would call a 'tess vase.' Not only that, but it's an elegant, functional piece of art that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (a reasonable $75) and isn't going to show up on your friend's table next week. I love having something so elegant that can double holding my grubby paint brushes in my studio and then hold roses in the garden or bay windows upstairs. Lovely!

As stated before, I was provided this product free of charge by www.csnstores.com. The opinions, descriptions, and throughts presented are entirely my own, and I received no other compensation.



That is really pretty, I love it. I just clicked over from your tour on AT. I just had to tell you how much I love your house! The way you hung all your artwork is fabulous, I love the groupings.

Bethany Dirksen

Wow....really cool design. I love the different settings you showed it in. Fun!



Get out of here!! Free of Charge! I loved it before but now I ADORE it! b.

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