25 January 2010

Pepper in the Pod!

The new eiCrate is here & set up- and we all love it! We could only get it in black (white was sold out), but I'm quite happy with it regardless... and so is Pepper!



OMG! So cute! We've been seriously considering getting the eiCrate. How big is it in person? Do you think our 18lb mini schnauzer would fit? I'm curious how large it actually is. :)

Tess Carter

I would TOTALLY recommend it (although be aware- shipping is $60). I still think it's worth it though if you're keeping it in a place where you see it everyday.

The dimensions are about 36" wide, 34" deep, and 24" high. I'd think 1 mini-schnauzer would fit- I'm gonna keep 2 mini-dachshunds lol. It's also really nice that it has rounded edges- made it a LOT easier to keep next to furniture. I was able to put it a lot closer to the Eames rocker than I'd have been able to put a rectangle one.


Ooo, great! I'm excited - I think we'll order ours soon. Good to know about the shipping! Thanks, Tess!


whew. killer shipping price! youch. great product though, well designed!


Your doggie is just so adorable!

Ritzee Rebel

How adorable!

Lindsay Road

That is hysterical! So cute:)

cabin + cub

Awwww... Pepper is soooo cute! ;)


I'm having Doxie fever!!! Too cute :)

Sweet Bird Designs

so cute!!

Paula Jo @ home garden accents

The Pod for Pepper is different and looks nice. Pepper looks so cute in it. I will have to tell my son about these.

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