19 January 2010

Nelson Saucer is in the Kitchen!

Yay! It's here! It's here! ...and I LOVE it!

Definitely an improvement on the old fan (good-looking as it was) imho. I love the ambiance it gives... and I can't resist making creepy UFO noises anytime Jesse walks near it. :D



That looks splendid! Great choice!


I <3 your blog! so glad I found you on the etsy forums!


pssst! I want to follow you, but I can't figure out how, you don't have a blogger button anywhere and no blogger header :(

Tess Carter

COPow! - thanks! If you scroll down on the far right, you should see the google follow app- which is the same thing. :)


i lovelovelove the color! it's sunny and wonderful.

Bethany Dirksen

haha! it's great. thank you for sharing the finished product with us!


Love the colour!! Looks fantastic.


love the pops of yellow! you've got great taste - glad i found you on etsy forums!

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