26 January 2010

Hemnes Knobs...

Remember when I posted about those adorable Anthropoligie Timepiece knobs that would look great on my dining room Hemnes? Well, I don't have them. Yeah... I know... let down.

But I did do something with it! I finally remembered a set of antique brass knobs my mom had given me when they were updating their house. They didn't end up using them & would rather give them to me than pay a re-stocking fee.

I think they look lovely on the Hemnes! Makes it a whole lot more elegant for sure- and the brass ties in with the clock plates (although you can't see them here). Only problem? I'm missing ONE. (That's why this picture is a closeup). I'm going to try and track it down somewhere where it doesn't cost me $13 for a single knob...



So cute! We have a black hemnes in my son's room - so I'm a huge fan! :)

Creative Minds

Those look great! You did an awesome job


Well done, they look great.


My Dad just refinished a piece for me (1930's) and one knob is missing! I doubt I'll be able to track one down though...I'll have to replace them all :(

Love the photo! And the knobs.


spruces up the hemnes quite nicely!

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