15 January 2010

Basement Bath...

I've shown a sneak of the basement bathroom before- it's the only room in the house that hasn't been painted (not counting closets- and even some of those were painted) because it was in great condition and pretty cute as is.

Pardon the horizontal artifacts 2/3rds up- I composited two pics together to fit it all in one image

A recent change did happen though- we got a new shower curtain! The old one was very nice indeed and looked lovely, but it was traditional & mellow- which isn't very becoming of a room directly next to a wall of bright yellow zig zags and a giant, plush nuclear bomb. We wanted something more cheerful, and I found it in the Home Vista Tree Shower Curtain from Target. I was hesitant because it's been so popular (evidenced by it's largely being sold out and constant appearances on Apt. Therapy). I'm really glad my mom got it for us though for our anniversary- it's perfect for the space and livens it up just enough!



I love that curtain!!!- My mom re-did our bathroom at home and put in that same one.


Love the bathroom! Can't tell you put two pics together!



Gorgeous! Are the stripes done in paint too? I am a finisher and stripes are a specialty so I must say if they're paint -- wowza you did a beautiful job!!

Tess Carter

the stripes are actually wallpaper (I asked the exact same thing when we were looking at the house!). It's a wonderful thing I like them- it would be SUCH a pain to try and remove it- the paper goes behind the toilet & sink cabinet!

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