30 October 2009

The Majestic Moose...

The new coat hanger... isn't he sweet?

25 October 2009


This weekend we finished the library! I love the color, which is Urban Mist in Behr Ultra- it's a perfect, subtle transition from the white of the living room and the darker blue in the bath (a very light, dusty blue-grey). Nothing fancy in here, but I love how bright & airy it is now! The yellow mirror was scavenged and painted, and the navy Eames chair we scored recently for $35! The only real eye-sores are the Boo's cage & the big green tub holding his stuff- but I guess he makes up for it by being so darn precious!

I think eventually I'll find a new tub for the Boo's things or maybe cover that one in a colorful fabric, but I haven't found anything to help it yet, and so that'll be a project for later!

22 October 2009

Custom Legs for Klippan...

In out gameroom/studio/basement, we have a black leather Klippan that we acquired while we were still in school (and on a student budget). We did and still do love that couch! We both find it cute, comfortable, affordable, and easily moved around. The Klippan has one fatal flaw.... those awful powder-coated steel legs!!!! They might work for some, but if you're like us, they didn't go with your decor and looked, well... cheap.

We decided it was time Klippan got some sexy new gams! We did this project quite a while ago, but that was before my blog & with all the couch talk lately, I decided it was time to share our own little Ikea hack!

This is an easy, weekend project DIY....

-We took one of the old legs with us to Home Depot & matched up the screw size (trial&error- it might take a while as you'll have to get the correct diameter, threads per inch, etc...).

-We then bought 4 bolts with the right size & had an employee cut the heads off (so we basically had some all-thread).

-We bought a long 2x2 & had them cut 4" sections (you can make the legs whatever height and shape you prefer of course!).

-We drilled a hole as centered and vertical as possible into the tops of the legs, filled 1/2 way with Gorilla Glue, and stuck in the all-thread.

-Let dry, stain or paint to your heart's delight (we stained to match our vintage coffee table), and seal her up with some polyurethane!

-You can add felt pads to the bottoms to protect your floor, and then screw them on in! :D

Many stores do sell ready-made couch legs, but the problem is getting the screws to match Ikea's non-standard sizes.

Hands down this is probably the simplest, but most pleasing DIY I've done. The little legs made a big difference (IMHO anyway) in the look of the couch. Much less dorm room for sure... :)

21 October 2009

Guest Bath...

So the other night I pulled an all-nighter & out popped the guest bath on the first floor! This bathroom was entirely new when we got the house (like, stickers on the vanity and toilet new). It was great- except they painted it fire engine red. I didn't have a huge problem with it, but this is the only bath that my brick rug works in & the colors weren't doin' it for me. Enter: Behr's 'ozone.'

Here's a before & after followed by the rest of the bath- it's nothing too fancy, but a nice, simple redo...

This black mirror is a total, wonderful DIY. It used to be an old, fake gold look. Just needed a can of gloss black spray paint to freshen her up! Hooray for using what you already have in design... :)

Yay! This bathroom is bright already with that window, but now, it feels even brighter & airier! Nothing too fancy, but simple & clean...

20 October 2009

Living Room Close Up: THE COUCH

Hooray it's done! Actually, the couch has been done for quite a while, but I've been waiting to photograph it until that pesky poster came in.

The design was taken from Kim's Komfy Kouch over on Desire to Inspire- and it's an absolutely fantastic design! The cushions are the same Lillberg Ikea cushions, and their dimensions were perfect for our space- they're great because they have removable covers that wash easily! We used wood for the whole thing, and our legs & therefore the length of the sides are a little different from hers. The wood, legs, etc were from Lowes, and the stain for the wood was Zar in charcoal (left from the previous owners- same stain as the woodwork). The white is the same Behr Frost that I love. Pillows from various sources...

Hope you love it as much as we do! I would HIGHLY recommend this solution as a DIY option for anyone who (like us) just couldn't find a sofa to meet your needs. The cost for us was a little over $500 including some pillows and a table saw ($100+).

Because the ottomans are movable, the couch has great functionality. I prefer the above combination for lounging, but whenever we have guests, moving both under the bay window makes for a great window seat that's just the right length! Here's the 2 room layouts & pictures of the other combination... (I'm sure there are plenty more combinations, but these are the two that work best for us right now!)

(please excuse the Halloween decoration lol)

19 October 2009

The Living Room!

Well, after over a month of waiting, I finally got the poster in & can proudly declare the living room 'done!' (as done as a room ever is anyway... they're always in a state of flux lol)

I'm really happy with the results! You'll see the slew of vintage prints I ordered recently, my new little brass mouse, and the new couch! It's a take off of Kim's couch from Desire to Inspire- with our own little tweaks. I just love it! So loungey & fun- and so functional too! I've had it mostly set up like this, but it also looks great to move that 2nd ottoman over to the window- they make a perfect window bench! I'll have to show you that later sometime... but for now- here are the many pictures of the new living room... enjoy!

Hope you like it! I actually re-did the 1st floor bath last night & pulled an all-nighter. My new phone (htc thouch pro 2!) is sitting here charging, and I think I'm gonna go crash now... ciao!

11 October 2009

English Window Boxes!

Yay! I've finally put something in the window boxes & love them!

(some friends are peeking through the window!)

I did some research and looked around at lots of design ideas, but the one I loved the best was a very common British look. Since it gets cold and gloomy there in the winter, a small conifer or boxwood along with ivy is a very London thing - and it's evergreen! Here are some of my inspiring images...

Hopefully, I'll be able to trim my little dwarf alberta spruces down & keep them in the boxes for several years, bonsai-style. If not, I'll be happy to eventually move them to pots, if I manage not to kill them. I'm also planning on separating some of the english ivy from the backyard to trim the boxes in, but I was running out of daylight. So, ivy to come & I'll probably tuck some bulbs in there for spring too. Hopefully that'll all happen tomorrow! Simple & evergreen! :P

05 October 2009

DIY Electric Blue Light Fixture...

There wasn't anything inherently wrong with the dining room light fixture, but with everything else in the room just right, it seemed way too traditional for my tastes. Unfortunately, finding a modern replacement that I liked and that put out as much light seemed quite difficult (this sucker is bright!).

Enter: Blue spray paint.

I absolutely love it! So bright and fun! It pops really well with the Eames chairs and the chartreuse in the kitchen too! I'm sure a lot of people would much prefer the before, but for me, this is so much more fun and interesting. Simple, easy fix & well worth the trouble! You can also see the Pocketwatch plates have made it onto the wall- another fun idea I'm quite happy with. :)

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