27 September 2009

Master Bedroom!

The master bedroom has been 99% done for some time now, but we finally got my little book shelf in place- meaning I can now feel like it's 'done.' I managed to paint and organize the closets (which was somewhat difficult because of the built-ins), but there's not much to see there. I had also toyed with painting the orangey wood, but that would be no easy task, and I'm quite pleased with how I was able to blend it in. So, without further delay- here it is! I hope you guys like it as much as we do! :)

16 September 2009

New Vintage Posters!

Did you know the Library of Congress sells this adorable poster in a 24"x36" print for $8?...

Neither did I! But I bought it when I found it. :) I also stumbled upon a great artscow.com coupn code & a site called popartmachine.com, where I was able to get some decent resolution old WPA & WWII poster images. If you scan the subject index of popartmachine, you'll find links to all kind of images, photos, posters, drawings, etc. (many from the Library of Congress archives)- worth checking out for some great DIY projects! Now, I'm waiting on these beauties to arrive at my door (11"x14" each and less than $1 a piece!).

Now, I know I said I'd have pics of the bedroom, and it is in fact 99% done. However, my last finishing touch (a little shelf) happens to be out of stock at ikea, so I have to wait till next week. :( Expect pics as soon as I get it (the closet should be done by then too).

03 September 2009

Upstairs Bath!

I finally have the upstairs bath done, and I absolutely love it! I love that it's bright, fresh, bold, and dynamic- but not too overwhelming. I've been using my bright green towels, but the fluffy bright white ones look great in here too! The white is Behr Frost and black is Behr Deep Space- both in flat enamel. The green was matched to Behr's chlorophyl in a Glidden eggshell sample. I also painted the inside of the medicine cabinet white with bright green shelves, but I'll spare you our mess of bottles and tubes. Enjoy...!


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