29 July 2009

30 Years of Klippan...

via Apartment Therapy's post "30 Years of IKEA's KLIPPAN Sofa: 1979-2009"...

I'm a solid fan of Klippan, despite it's dorm room appeal. It's affordable, simple, and mine has held up quite well. The availability of fun slipcovers makes it into a sort of furniture candy in my eyes. My favorite has got to be that brown striped one though! Too cute! I wonder what year...

22 July 2009

Custom Work

Custom commissioned paintings make fabulous gifts and cheerful additions to any home- especially perfect for pets and kids! For custom acrylic portraits, prices are currently as follows, followed by the priority shipping and handling charge to the continental US:

8x10 - $50 + $10s/h
12x12 - $75 + $10s/h
16x20 - $120 + $12s/h
18x24 - $200 + $16s/h

*Add $15 per additional subject in the painting.
*Shipping outside of the continental US? Inquire for the cost!
*Turnaround time averages approximately 3 weeks, but a more accurate timeframe based on current availability will be given upon inquiry.
*Payment accepted via PayPal, due upon completion of the painting once a digital proof has been sent.

For more information on the process, questions about alternate sizes, or interest in commissioning a piece, please shoot me an email. In addition to paintings, I do also occasionally accept freelance graphic design projects- let me know what you're interested in!


"Oscar" 12x12, acrylic on canvas 

"Lucy" and "Ollie" 16x20, acrylic on canvas 

"Otis" and "Otis & Daddy" 16x20, acrylic on canvas 

"The Girls" 8x10 each, acrylic on canvas 

"Cat in Crib" 20x16, acrylic on canvas  

"Old Tie Dye" 20x16, acrylic on canvas 

"Night Street Scene" 48x36, oil on canvas

"Kitt and the Pups" 48x36, oil on canvas 

"Pears" 16x20, oil on canvas; "Three Vases" 20x16, oil on canvas 

"The Ride" 24x18, oil on canvas 

"Little Red" 20x16, oil on canvas 

"After Bridgeman" 20x16

"Nude on Rock" 18x24, oil on canvas; "Sherbert" 18x24 oil on canvas

"Girl with Guitar" 18x24, oil on canvas; "Cubed Duck" 22x18, acrylic on paper

Anson Jones Elementary Murals
Bryan, Texas

Texas A&M University Dance Program, Hallway Murals
College Station, Texas

Hello World!

Now that we've upped and moved to Pittsburgh, I'll be using this blog to record Jesse's & my new life together (with the Boo & Pepper too of course!). I'll post pictures to stay in touch & document my painting, home improvements, art & design projects, & the general chaos of my life & what inspires it!

21 July 2009



I'm Tess Carter- the voice behind Cozy Little Cave! A Texas native, I currently live in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania (outside Pittsburgh) with my amazing husband Jesse, spunky daughter Pippa, and two pesky dachshunds; we are expecting our second bundle of joy September 2013! Our new (old) house serves as a backdrop for our experiments in design & decor and the general, wonderful chaos of life. I'm a fan of old time radio, colorful art, spaghetti, mid-century style, the UK, science fiction, Dr. Pepper, and am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I couldn't be happier, and I'm so thankful to have such a blessed life!


After moving across the country in the summer of 2009, I set up this blog to keep friends & family back home plugged in to my chaotic line-up of projects. It has since developed into an engaging hobby, an outlet for my voice & decisions, and most importantly- a vibrant, visual carousel of things that make me smile. Cozy Little Cave is a home and design blog that zeros in on art, decor, DIY ideas, design, lifestyle, and pretty much anything with popsicle-like color!


I currently do not offer side-bar style advertising on CozyLittleCave. I do consider giveaways and product reviews provided they're consistent with the feel of the blog and I feel that our readers would enjoy/appreciate them. Contact me for more information!


With a background in painting, graphic design, digital animation, architecture, and education, my work is inspired by bold color, dynamic composition, and the whimsical nature of the world... with a touch of playfulness thrown in for good measure of course! I hold a Bachelor's of Environmental Design with a minor in Dance as well as a Master's of Education both from Texas A&M University. Be sure to check out the Paintings section for more information on commissions as well as other freelance graphic work.

You can also check out Cozy Little Cave textiles currently sold over on Envelop!


I might have a slight obsession with wiener dogs.
Our two pups are Pepper and Pickle- they're sisters and darling little imps that are always up for a snuggle! They're also quite good at sneaking into any photos I take. Our chinchilla's name was Skitchman Boo Radley, and he passed away in the summer of 2010 - at nine and a half years old. He was pretty much the most majestic pet you'd ever seen. Our pets find their way into my posts often, but they're such a big part of our lives, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Photos and site design by Tess Carter...
Please contact me for permission before reproducing any of my images or posts. Thank you!

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