14 December 2009

Adventures in Flooring... Part 2

So after much time spent sitting on the ground, many bruised, sore hands, and much general frustration, we're actually pretty happy with the landing and 2 bedroom floors! I was able to (very gently) scrape off most of the paint & my touch up wood stain pen managed to do surprisingly well on the few deep scratches!

It's amazing what a little elbow grease will accomplish! There was only one broken board- close to a wall- that will need eventual repair. There's still some paint smears and that weird stain pattern in the guest bedroom- but they're not too bad. The huge life saver was in finding the Bona floor products. The cleaner and polish worked wonders- literally. If you're ever stressing over what to use on wood floors, I can't recommend them enough! We found them at our local Rollier's Hardware, but Bed Bath & Beyond carries them too.

The floors still need to be refinished- we're planning on a full refinish job come early summer or so. The quarter-round needs to be installed too, but we're waiting until after we finish the floors for good until we bother with that.

All was going very well... until we pulled up the carpet in the bedroom and found this:

No, the floor doesn't need to be swept. None of that is loose- it's the floor in all it's beauty. *gag* I almost keeled over when I pulled it up- it's like night & day compared to the rest of the upstairs. There's tons of paint, black spots, spots where the finish came up- it's just a mess. Easily fixed with a full refinishing, but we have to live with it for now- and I'm not even gonna waste my time trying to scrape paint. (For those who are curious, no I don't regret pulling the carpet- it had stains on it). I did my best to clean it and put quite a few coats of the Bona polish & refresher on it. Luckily, my mom is bringing up some old rugs when the visit in a week. I do have a plan on how to 'deal' with it until the floor gets an overhaul though- and for the sake of post length- I'll start that plan in another post now!


Mrs. Kroeger

Floors look good...don't the orange-y wood closet doors in the master go with the wood floors? Are you changing the stain on the floors when you refinish them in the spring?


The hallway and the guest room do look wonderful. You are a very hard worker!!! B.


The floors you did really do reflect the work you put in with them. One thing about a home - there's always going to be another project.

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