10 December 2009

Adventures in Flooring... Part 1

So, in a spur of excitement after we sold Jesse's giant corner desk, I decided I'd already had enough of the old carpet in the upstairs bedrooms. It wasn't really nasty, but it was old and had lived through the previous owner's 3 small kids. As expected, once it came up, there were plenty of nasty stains on the back (boy I don't like carpet!). The floors actually looked better than I expected! They're lighter than the downstairs floor and the trim/doors, but they go very well with the original woodwork and the medium toned built-ins in the guest bedroom (they blend pretty well with it all, actually).

No I did not paint that turquoise. It's getting painted a nice, modern Frost white as soon as possible. That (and continuous flooring) should make the room feel bigger.

As expected (per previous owner's warning), there is paint on the floor. It's not too bad though- most of it scrapes off somewhat. The floor is pretty beat up; it needs to be refinished. Frankly though, it's not too bad- I've definitely seen worse! We were going to just lightly buff sand and re-coat it, but I'm too afraid I'll want to stain it (and there's no time for that before the holidays!). So now, our plan is to clean it up and polish as best as possible & see how it looks.

So far, I've been spending all my time pulling carpet, staples, nails, and tackboards!

We're planning on refinishing it sometime in the next year, but I'm going to try to make it look as good as I can for the meantime. If anything- I'll sport the 'distressed' look. Isn't that in right now? :)

Keep an eye out for "part 2" once I get going...



So you took up the carpet in the guest room and the office?


Really the floors don't look so bad in the pics. My hubby and I our renovating a home and we have far worse stains, AKA kitty pee stains. Downstairs when we removed the carpet, we found that the previous owner wasn't very careful while painting. White paint was everywhere. My husband removed paint with steel wool with soap and water. They look pretty good now. Not perfect, but it is a 30's home and we weren't going for new.Plus, it saves so much money.

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