12 November 2009

Studio: Zig Zag Wall Treatment...

I love it!! The studio is done! The wall treatment took quite a while & was not for the impatient, but it was so worth it! I didn't want wallpaper, so I measured and taped out the zig zags with painters tape. Having an uneven floor/ceiling/wall combo made it more forgiving- I had to fudge the angles here & there to make it work without looking totally off. It feels so much more cheerful! The dehumidifier is a necessary eyesore- the chinchilla cage is as well (not pictured here), but I have an idea in the works to fix that! More pictures of the basement to come.... :D



These zig zags are amazing. I love them. Your studio is totally a place of inspiration. Gorgeous.



Oh my gosh! I had nothing like this is mind when you said you painted that nook. It looks amazing!!! Flawless too. It looks like a decal almost.


Awesome job! That looks like a lot of work, but it turned out perfect for an art studio!


OH MY GOSH!!! That looks amazing!! A job well done, indeed!!


Love your blog/space! I just found you but you seem to be pulsing with creativity. Let it shine!! You're great!!


that is lovely! your studio looks fantastic. what a wonderful place to inspire creativity.

Tess Carter

thanks guys! :)


Wow! That's awesome!! Wanna come do mine now?! LOL


Oh WOW that is awesome Tess....i'm dizzy looking at it but in a fun way!


Wow- It looks great Tess. Really amazing. Good job. You could hire yourself out as a decorator. b.

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