24 November 2009

How To... Fix Up a Critter Cage!

So, many of you probably know of our high-maintenance, adorable chinchilla Skitch. "The Boo" as we like to call him, is a very social fellow, and so he has a smaller cage in our gameroom/studio- that way he can hang out with us if we're down there. Remember the basement/studio? Where I just did all that painting and zig zagging? Well guess how great a cheesy plastic rodent cage looks amid my thought-out design....

Blerg. See? Even the boo is perturbed by it.

SO- here's a nifty trick to fix up any unsightly pet abodes you might have lying around. We call it "the boo box." Basically, we (and by we I mean my wonderful husband Jesse) built a simple wood box for the cage to sit in- covering the plastic base. Then, simply nail or tack down a cute fabric (you could just as easily paint a neat design- but I was too tired after those zig zags). Super simple- but a big visual improvement IMHO. :) Here's the after...

And here's the "noble fur" himself enjoying his stylish new quarters...


Mrs. Kroeger

Love it! Dramatic improvement.


Fantastic idea!
I'm always on the look out for ways to make my rodent cages look better. Eventually we'd like to custom build something, but this would be a great temporary solution!


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Wonderful. Beautiful fabric. Very mod. Great job. b.


LOL! TOO stinkin' CUTE! Totally bearable to look at now :) I'm SO enjoying your blog :) Am off to follow you :)


Ok that might be the funniest thing I've seen all day!! Love it

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