03 November 2009

Guest Bedroom...

The guest bedroom is done! The room was designed around my grandfather's wedding gift to us- a beautiful, colorful quilt made my grandmother who passed away when I was a baby. I wish she was still alive today- she was an amazing quilter, weaver, and crafter, and I have no doubt she could have taught me quite a lot. I mainly worked with what I already had (as you can see, the bed is still an air bed lol), but I did replace the brown duvet cover with something a little more bright & fun that I found at Ikea, and I also grabbed a couple of new frames there as well. Wall color was a beige, which I of course replaced with Behr Frost.

 My Grandma! 2nd from the left!


Mrs. Kroeger

Even without the PupPup the room looks fantastic.


I like it! Very colorful. I like the wall with the 4 pictures the best - they all go together very well. And I see you've got that silly stump in there, lol.

Cute PepPep butt.


I think Nell looks a little like your grandmother. What a beautiful quilt. Great job on the bedroom. You have enough wall space to keep you busy painting your paintings!!


Nice build-in's, too. Those quilts with postage stamp sized pieces really took a lot of work. What a treasure! Beautifully done.


The quilt is just beautiful and you are lucky to have it passed down to you. I liked all your pictures and the nice work you did in the bedroom. Decorating with decor and accents could add more to your room and walls, but i like what you have done so far. Keep up the good work. You should be very proud of yourself what you have accomplished.

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