28 November 2009

Christmas Decorations... like day and night

The plan of attack is complete! The home front is decorated and all glitzed out for Christmas!

and here are some bigger versions...

Merry Christmas! :D



I LOVE your home! My husband & I are suckers for 2 story home & shutters - which is exactly what you have & is exactly what we purchases as well here in Florida. SO rare to find homes like that in Florida too. 1st word that comes to mind with your home is cozy... very appropriate blog title :) Oh, your holiday decor is lovely too :)

Mrs. Kroeger

Like the star in the attic...


This modest display still uses 1 kilowatt continuously.


I am so glad you are not blowing out the electrical grid in Pittsburgh. But seriously, the house is SOOOOOOO beautiful. You did a wonderful job. You neighbors are very lucky!! I love the white lights in the corners of the living room window and the tree in the Boo's window. b.

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