16 November 2009

The Basement...

The basement houses both the family room and my studio- it works out well because I usually have old movies on when I paint & if the studio gets messy it's not in the center of things. I'm really happy with what I've done with it so far- although, this room more than others is more of a work in progress. I already have some little projects in mind for the future down here, but for now, it's done & I'm a happy camper!

One more room to go! But for now, I'm enjoying the fun, colorful basement! :D



Wow, looks great! I really like the bathroom. And I especially like how you used those placemats to cover up the shelves.

That Pepper is a toot...



That is the happiest basement I've ever seen!

Well done!


What a cozy and fun basement! Looks great, and I like the dark backdrop behind the TV ;).


Wow - awesome!

Is that a sheep on your toilet? Priceless - LOL


I especially like the trifoil bean bag/body pillow? Nice touch.

Tess Carter

hehehe thanks Goodie! It's a giant, plush nuclear bomb (part of an old art project). It serves as a guest bed/lounger/doggie bed. :)

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