30 October 2009

The Majestic Moose...

The new coat hanger... isn't he sweet?



Where did you get this cute moose??


Oh, too cute! I love your house!!!

Tess Carter

Thanks! :) The moose is the Sprallig hanger from Ikea- it's in their new collection & is actually deemd 'children's small storage.' I love it!! It was only $20, but is super sturdy & quite large!


Yes, Yes that coat hanger is sweet-- BUT love the wall and baseboard. Toooo coooool.


OH! I love it! I was curious what you might have named him, so I looked up the translation for Ikea's "Sprallig". In Swedish it means "Frisky"! Such a pleasant surprise. What a cute name!

I'll have to translate more of their product names from now on!

wooden coat hangers

What a cool house! never seen one like it. Have fun

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