20 October 2009

Living Room Close Up: THE COUCH

Hooray it's done! Actually, the couch has been done for quite a while, but I've been waiting to photograph it until that pesky poster came in.

The design was taken from Kim's Komfy Kouch over on Desire to Inspire- and it's an absolutely fantastic design! The cushions are the same Lillberg Ikea cushions, and their dimensions were perfect for our space- they're great because they have removable covers that wash easily! We used wood for the whole thing, and our legs & therefore the length of the sides are a little different from hers. The wood, legs, etc were from Lowes, and the stain for the wood was Zar in charcoal (left from the previous owners- same stain as the woodwork). The white is the same Behr Frost that I love. Pillows from various sources...

Hope you love it as much as we do! I would HIGHLY recommend this solution as a DIY option for anyone who (like us) just couldn't find a sofa to meet your needs. The cost for us was a little over $500 including some pillows and a table saw ($100+).

Because the ottomans are movable, the couch has great functionality. I prefer the above combination for lounging, but whenever we have guests, moving both under the bay window makes for a great window seat that's just the right length! Here's the 2 room layouts & pictures of the other combination... (I'm sure there are plenty more combinations, but these are the two that work best for us right now!)

(please excuse the Halloween decoration lol)



What a great room, I LOVE the cushions. :)

Jeff J.

Oh my gosh!!!
I am Kim's bf and the co-designer of Kims Komfy Kouch. Kim just sent me the link to this and I am super impressed. You guys did a great job in building this and it looks fantastic in your space. Kim's Kouch is the super komfortable, I fall asleep on it all the time with one of the many cats that she has. I am very glad you built it and I have a huge smile on my face reading this post. I hope you enjoy the kouch and I hope the instructions helped out. I love the pillows you used and I see you put the shelf at the back as well for back cushions.
Great Job!!!!!



I don't know what's funnier - how proud Jeff is or the way he's using a K for all his C words. LOL

Your new sofa looks amazing!!! Enjoy it!

Tess Carter

lol! thanks guys- and yes Jeff, the instructions were a great help (more to my husband than me lol). You guys did a great job designing it- it's just what we needed!

Jennifer Lee

Great job!
I first saw Kim's sofa and thought it was a fantastic idea. Yours turned out great as well. So practical.

Btw - love your posts :)



Tess!!! What a small, small world to find you on DTI! And I'm LOVING catching up on your cozy little life now that I found your blog! :)
Caleb and I think you're so uniquely talented and interesting! So fun.
Take care, friend.

Tess Carter

Oh Sallie!! You are always TOO sweet! Thanks for your kind compliments- it IS a small world! :P

How are you doing these days??? I hope you guys are doing great!! xoxo


Vibrant room. Love the Don't Kill Our Wild Life poster, but it's hung too high over your sofa -- suggest you lower it so the horizontal centerline is about 60" from floor.

Please rethink the fur rug in context with all the animal-friendly touches.

Tess Carter

Thanks holland! :)

But, actually, the poster is too large to be hung to those specifications- It would hit behind the pillows on the couch and you'd hit your head on it. It would have also been covered up at that height by the chair that used to be there. I'm not a big fan of that rule if you couldn't tell lol :)

As per the sheep, I would remind you (while I'm not sure about the origins of these) that many sheepskins are bought from sheep who have already been killed for meat/food when a herd gets too large. The big reason they're there though is that I already had them, I won't put a big rug over the carpet, the room seemed unfinished without one, and the carpet is brand new & the previous owners didn't re-finish the wood floor underneath.

I'd rather use what I already have that just throw them away wastefully & then feel the room is unfinished. Hopefully, I can eventually find another solution I like though... Thanks for bringing that up! :)


WOW I love this! I've been following your blog here and there since you've moved to Pittsburgh and I absolutely love what you've done. As a fellow transplant to Pittsburgh, I give you major kudos and thanks for being an inspiration!

Tess Carter

thanks! :)


Can I ask you do you still love this sofa three years on? Still comfy etc

Tess Carter

Hi Coz!
We do still have the couch, but we're currently storing it in our attic. The corners are just too sharp for having a 1 year old toddling around! We use the footstool portions in other parts of the house though. The cushions are still comfy, but we did have issues with them not staying 'pretty;' they tended to always look as if someone had been laying on them. I expect you'd have the same problem if you had the entire ikea couch they came from. Even though we aren't using it currently though, we didn't want to get rid of it, which has to say something. :)

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