25 October 2009


This weekend we finished the library! I love the color, which is Urban Mist in Behr Ultra- it's a perfect, subtle transition from the white of the living room and the darker blue in the bath (a very light, dusty blue-grey). Nothing fancy in here, but I love how bright & airy it is now! The yellow mirror was scavenged and painted, and the navy Eames chair we scored recently for $35! The only real eye-sores are the Boo's cage & the big green tub holding his stuff- but I guess he makes up for it by being so darn precious!

I think eventually I'll find a new tub for the Boo's things or maybe cover that one in a colorful fabric, but I haven't found anything to help it yet, and so that'll be a project for later!


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Haha, I love how you color-coordinated the books on that one shelf! Some people would organize by, oh, I dunno, alphabet or something, but I guess this works too if you remember the shade and color of the book you're looking for ;).

In all seriousness, though, it looks awesome!

Tess Carter

Lol thanks Brian! :)

I actually never organize them alphabetically- but I do by category. The cookbooks, religious books, children's books, series books (harry P, lotr, etc), and most of Jesse's textbooks are NOT done by color. The ones that are, I've never had a problem finding- I remember the color of the covers quite well- plus there aren't too many of them. :) Thanks again!

Frogs Mom

Hello! I found your blog via the Ohdeedoh link. Your library looks great! What I wanted to ask you about are the vintage prints over your fireplace. What can you tell me about those?


Tess Carter

Thanks Michele!

I wrote more about those prints here...

Although, the process I went through to get them has somewhat changed I believe. I'll warn you- it's not a quick or easy search process looking through them, but if you have some time & like that sort of thing, it's pretty fun. :)

Through the comments there, I wrote about how I found the high-res images (they're all in the Library of Congress, and PopArtMachine links to them). However, the search functions I used are completely gone from the site- you can't search the LOC anymore. BUT- if I search for a specific poster by googling "popartmachine allies need eggs" for example, it brings up the site's link to the high-res image. So, if you know what old posters you want, you can always try that. Sorry I couldn't be more help- the whole site I used has been re-vamped!!


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