21 October 2009

Guest Bath...

So the other night I pulled an all-nighter & out popped the guest bath on the first floor! This bathroom was entirely new when we got the house (like, stickers on the vanity and toilet new). It was great- except they painted it fire engine red. I didn't have a huge problem with it, but this is the only bath that my brick rug works in & the colors weren't doin' it for me. Enter: Behr's 'ozone.'

Here's a before & after followed by the rest of the bath- it's nothing too fancy, but a nice, simple redo...

This black mirror is a total, wonderful DIY. It used to be an old, fake gold look. Just needed a can of gloss black spray paint to freshen her up! Hooray for using what you already have in design... :)

Yay! This bathroom is bright already with that window, but now, it feels even brighter & airier! Nothing too fancy, but simple & clean...


Mrs. Kroeger

I spy a yellow ween...


I LOVE that color! The blue, not the red...

Tess Carter

hahaha thanks Tori- yeah the red wasn't awful (helped that it was so new), but was just too overpowering for me- the blue really brightens the room too!


Tess, I have that same faucet fixture in our downstairs bathroom! Whatever will you do when you have the house complete? :-)

Tess Carter

lol! it must be a popular one- Brian Frantz from ULC has one in his apartment I think too!

I'll be THRILLED when the house is done, because then I can really focus on my paintings and etsy shop. It's really hard to do both when it seems like whatever you're doing, you're painting something! Although, frankly, I'm sure they'll never really be done- houses are always changing, but I'll be happy to at least have done the start of each room myself! :)


getting inspired with the before and afters. Thanks!


Tess- That is beautiful. The color is wonderful. Great job!!. b.


It's gorgeous, love the brick rug!

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