05 October 2009

DIY Electric Blue Light Fixture...

There wasn't anything inherently wrong with the dining room light fixture, but with everything else in the room just right, it seemed way too traditional for my tastes. Unfortunately, finding a modern replacement that I liked and that put out as much light seemed quite difficult (this sucker is bright!).

Enter: Blue spray paint.

I absolutely love it! So bright and fun! It pops really well with the Eames chairs and the chartreuse in the kitchen too! I'm sure a lot of people would much prefer the before, but for me, this is so much more fun and interesting. Simple, easy fix & well worth the trouble! You can also see the Pocketwatch plates have made it onto the wall- another fun idea I'm quite happy with. :)



I love the color! You did a great job. :)

I found your blog through the Etsy forums, btw.

Mrs. Kroeger

LOVE IT! How about some other kitchen angles? Is that a pup RAWHIDE I see on the floor in front of the ottoman?


Love the 'new' light fixture!! Great idea. And we know that Pepper loves blue.
And love the plates up on the wall. They are beautiful.
And tell us about the ottomans. Is the platform couch finished?


i love the new version definately! :) and the pocketwatch plates, what a neat idea!

p.s. found your blog through the forums. here is mine, its very new but hopefully it will grow


Tess Carter

Thanks guys!


Love it!

HUzzah! Vintage

wow, what a great idea! I wish I could be that bold with my own accents.


Such a simple idea but so successful! I just love what the pop of blue does for your dining room!



my favorite and my best

i was just telling my husband that i wanted to spray paint our light fixture as well. red and shiny.

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