22 October 2009

Custom Legs for Klippan...

In out gameroom/studio/basement, we have a black leather Klippan that we acquired while we were still in school (and on a student budget). We did and still do love that couch! We both find it cute, comfortable, affordable, and easily moved around. The Klippan has one fatal flaw.... those awful powder-coated steel legs!!!! They might work for some, but if you're like us, they didn't go with your decor and looked, well... cheap.

We decided it was time Klippan got some sexy new gams! We did this project quite a while ago, but that was before my blog & with all the couch talk lately, I decided it was time to share our own little Ikea hack!

This is an easy, weekend project DIY....

-We took one of the old legs with us to Home Depot & matched up the screw size (trial&error- it might take a while as you'll have to get the correct diameter, threads per inch, etc...).

-We then bought 4 bolts with the right size & had an employee cut the heads off (so we basically had some all-thread).

-We bought a long 2x2 & had them cut 4" sections (you can make the legs whatever height and shape you prefer of course!).

-We drilled a hole as centered and vertical as possible into the tops of the legs, filled 1/2 way with Gorilla Glue, and stuck in the all-thread.

-Let dry, stain or paint to your heart's delight (we stained to match our vintage coffee table), and seal her up with some polyurethane!

-You can add felt pads to the bottoms to protect your floor, and then screw them on in! :D

Many stores do sell ready-made couch legs, but the problem is getting the screws to match Ikea's non-standard sizes.

Hands down this is probably the simplest, but most pleasing DIY I've done. The little legs made a big difference (IMHO anyway) in the look of the couch. Much less dorm room for sure... :)



I'm so glad you posted this - I really want slightly longer legs on my Klippan but wasn't sure how to go about it. I don't suppose you remember the what the thread on the ikea post is (after your trial and error)??

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