19 October 2009

The Living Room!

Well, after over a month of waiting, I finally got the poster in & can proudly declare the living room 'done!' (as done as a room ever is anyway... they're always in a state of flux lol)

I'm really happy with the results! You'll see the slew of vintage prints I ordered recently, my new little brass mouse, and the new couch! It's a take off of Kim's couch from Desire to Inspire- with our own little tweaks. I just love it! So loungey & fun- and so functional too! I've had it mostly set up like this, but it also looks great to move that 2nd ottoman over to the window- they make a perfect window bench! I'll have to show you that later sometime... but for now- here are the many pictures of the new living room... enjoy!

Hope you like it! I actually re-did the 1st floor bath last night & pulled an all-nighter. My new phone (htc thouch pro 2!) is sitting here charging, and I think I'm gonna go crash now... ciao!



Yay! I'm excited to visit in a couple months!!

I love the little mouse. And the couch looks comfy - maybe I'll sleep there.


So great!! So much to take in. I'll be visiting your site again to make sure I see it all. B.


Pulling all-nighters when you don't have to?! Crazy girl!

Mrs. Kroeger

SUPER ADORABLE! Love it! The pillows, artwork and couch really work well together. This is good Tesser work. The LR, DR, and K really flow. Too bad you don't have before and after pics of the LR.
You are right, that shade of yellow in the library no longer works with your stuff. Can't wait to see the new hue..... I hope it will compliment his noble fur-ness.

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