03 September 2009

Upstairs Bath!

I finally have the upstairs bath done, and I absolutely love it! I love that it's bright, fresh, bold, and dynamic- but not too overwhelming. I've been using my bright green towels, but the fluffy bright white ones look great in here too! The white is Behr Frost and black is Behr Deep Space- both in flat enamel. The green was matched to Behr's chlorophyl in a Glidden eggshell sample. I also painted the inside of the medicine cabinet white with bright green shelves, but I'll spare you our mess of bottles and tubes. Enjoy...!




Love it! So clean and crisp!

Brandon and Kirsten

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black accents! I love that you painted the closet doorway black, but left the wall white...I never in a million years would have thought to do that, but it perpetuates the black frame theme and is very cute!


Ditto to what Kirsten said (come on, we all know Brandon didn't write that ;-)). Those black/green accents look fantastic and make an otherwise bleak bathroom look rich and classy. Love the fixtures, too.

I must say, I wouldn't have thought green would go with the high contrast black/white scheme, but it's growing on me. I particularly didn't like the towels at first, but the more I look at them I think they were a good call!

Ever think about being a home decorator if the demand for teachers stays in the toilet (see what I did there)?

Tess Carter

Thanks guys!

The green is actually semi-permanent Brian. We also have big white fluffy towels for that bath, and the framed photos could be easily swapped out. The only other green is the little cabinet nook which is like a tiny bit of paint. The towels were a clearance bargain- I was a little worried about them, but I decided to go for it. I reeeeaally like it (the green is very bold & vibrant in real life). But, if I do tire of it, it's an easy change out! :)

Lol- I'd love to be a home decorator. But that's a VERY hard job- you have to be able to design what OTHER people like- even if you hate it. lol Anyways, you know me. I'd love to do anything creative. ;)


From the before/after picture it looks like a cleaning crew came in and spent days scrubbing. Amazing what a difference paint can make. Although I didn't mind the bathroom before, you definitely made a good decision in redoing it. It looks so classy (as Brian already said...)!


Wow- Big difference!! Love it. Yes, very classy. I really can't believe the difference in the before and after photos. Now the fixtures and the accessories really 'pop'. Before it was great but now I can see it was just really awash in a sea of bland. You have made it really come alive. Good job.


That looks awesome!!

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