16 September 2009

New Vintage Posters!

Did you know the Library of Congress sells this adorable poster in a 24"x36" print for $8?...

Neither did I! But I bought it when I found it. :) I also stumbled upon a great artscow.com coupn code & a site called popartmachine.com, where I was able to get some decent resolution old WPA & WWII poster images. If you scan the subject index of popartmachine, you'll find links to all kind of images, photos, posters, drawings, etc. (many from the Library of Congress archives)- worth checking out for some great DIY projects! Now, I'm waiting on these beauties to arrive at my door (11"x14" each and less than $1 a piece!).

Now, I know I said I'd have pics of the bedroom, and it is in fact 99% done. However, my last finishing touch (a little shelf) happens to be out of stock at ikea, so I have to wait till next week. :( Expect pics as soon as I get it (the closet should be done by then too).


Mrs. Kroeger

Save the ween!


I love all the animal ones!!!


I can't believe the navy wanted to borrow people's binoculars!! Thanks for showing us these fun posters. B.

Hot Cover Girls Central

cool! it is totally vintage, you can't see all of those now a day. :)

-cathy young


Hey, you might want to check out these National Parks posters by Ranger Doug. Some are the original WPA art, and some are new designs in the same vein.

It's all done with permission from the Department of the Interior, with some proceeds going back to the parks, and they're all really lovely screenprints, with much richer colors than any digital print. I love them!


Where is the option to print?


Or did you print them somewhere else?

Tess Carter

I printed them through ArtsCow, but you could print them at home or through any online printing service. The popartmachine site gives you access to the surce material (they actually do something with it eventually I think). What I did was download the images & then rotate and crop as necessary. ArtsCow had a great coupon code going on (I believe it's still in effect until the end of the month)- 4 11x14 prints for $2.99 shipped with code 11X14PRINTS I believe. Basically though, once you download those source images, you can edit or do as you with with them. :)

Valerie Gravel

hahaha love the beaver/Canada one! I think you specifically picked that one to remind yourself of me!! :)

Tess Carter

:) well Val, there's no way I could see it and NOT think of you- but it's also really cute!


Hi there. I absolutely adore your blog. I actually just moved in to my new apt and have not a single ounce of decorating talent or design talent, at that... But your blog is definitely an inspiration. QQ - how were you able to find these specific images on popartmachine? There seems to be waaay too many to scan through... and I want to find prints similar to the ones you have. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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