27 September 2009

Master Bedroom!

The master bedroom has been 99% done for some time now, but we finally got my little book shelf in place- meaning I can now feel like it's 'done.' I managed to paint and organize the closets (which was somewhat difficult because of the built-ins), but there's not much to see there. I had also toyed with painting the orangey wood, but that would be no easy task, and I'm quite pleased with how I was able to blend it in. So, without further delay- here it is! I hope you guys like it as much as we do! :)



Haha..this is lovely! I think you may want to rename this Tess' beadroom that Jesse also gets to sleep in! It's so you.



I followed your link from Apartment Therapy--your room (and the sheeps) are great!

Tess Carter

thanks! :)

Maya / מיה

Very cute! I also got here from AT. Maybe you said this in a previous post, but what color paint is that on your walls? I'm looking for something very similar!


hehehe I love the tweet tweet ; )

you did a nice work on the room... hmm... maybe you could use some colorful cushions on the bed for color enhancement (just an idea!)

See you

Tess Carter

Thanks guys!

Maya- the grey is Classic Silver in Behr's Paint/Primer in one paint. I was really happy with how evenly it covered! I'd definitely recommend that paint (in any color for that matter)! The black is Deep Space in Behr Premium Plus, which is really a deep, deep navy.

Laura- We think alike! More cushions actually USED to be there lol! I have a beautiful blue velvet one in particular I love, but I took them out to help simplify things & because they're currently up for consideration for the couch we just finished making- which needs a bunch of pillows for the back. If/when I get around to painting that orage wood though, that will be at the top of my list! :)

Alicia Istanbul

I love that!!! (And that's a beautiful blue desk, too).


lol!! The sheep are way too cute!! Love the gray too!


I LOVE it!!!!


omg these little sheep are sooo cute! i love them!


OH MY GOSH!!! I love all the little sheep bouncing around the room! So clever/funny/creative - your house is just awesome!


i'm in love with your bedroom! the bouncing sheep motif is too cute!! black & white, and classic - very you! ... ps i think i have become obsessed with your site&blog.... hehe


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