20 May 2014

Rex Update!

I can't believe the last time I shared a month pic was at 2 months! Time is flying by WAY too fast this go-round! Can you believe this chunk is 8 months old?

09 May 2014

My Blue Door!

Finally, I have a blue door! It really helps brighten up the kitchen, which is the darkest room in the house as far as natural light goes. While I was at it, I ditched the spice rack (moved to the pantry), and finally got some Albers prints up! Not bad for a weekend facelift...

05 May 2014


15 December 2013

Possibly the cutest little commission ever...

18 November 2013

Blue Doors & My Dream Home

The other day I fell in love with this home over on Apartment Therapy. Absolutely gorgeous- my dream space! Of course, I'm drastically limited in recreating it by my house's architecture and (more importantly) budget. One aspect though, I'm seriously debating... that blue door. That gorgeous blue door! Painting a door a bold color is such a cheap, easy way to really make a space pop. I love our red back door in the kitchen, but I'm starting to seriously consider taking it a bright robin's egg blue. Or maybe even that boring white door to the garage in the basement...

2 Months!

This little butterball is growing WAY too fast!

23 October 2013

1 month!

Okay, so he's actually more like 6 weeks old now, but I just realized I never posted Rex's 1 month photo! My mother got him this awesome dino stuffed animal we'll be using for scale in his photos, and I think I'm going to have a little more fun with these than I did with Pippa's...

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